About project

Excellent crafts that are the hallmark of our company allows you to implement the most demanding orders. On the order of the French advertising agency Deco-Flamme, in the design studio of Marian Czajkowski, seven unusual grand pianos were created, which were the pride of the festival of feature films in Cannes.

The festival of cinema illusion could not do without the magic of craft: the pianos were reminiscent of the instruments, the smallest details were taken care of. The festival present at the Tom Cruise Festival has completely been suggested and tried to play the instrument! The bigger impression was that when one of the pianos was poured water and served as an aquarium with live fish, and another, in its nocturnal version, it became the scene of a dancer performing crazy evolutions on a tube mounted in the piano.

Each of the seven well-executed dummy pianos told another amazing story.