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STOLMAR tells the stories through forms and shapes.


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Our main tool of the trade is carpentry – this is what started our company almost three decades ago. The founder, Marian Czajkowski, has designed and manufactured custom furniture sets since 1980s. One of his first clients was Lech Walesa.

Since then, STOLMAR has grown into a diverse team of talented designers, craftsmen and specialists. The company went beyond the domestic carpentry to the new territory of shop displays and stage setting. In 2006 we have started our long-standing partnership with LPP S.A. - the largest fashion company in Central and Eastern Europe and owner of apparel brands such as Reserved, House, Cropp, Mohito. We design and produce shop display and exposition furniture for the LPP stores across Poland and Europe.

Currently the team working on our large-scale project can be as large as 80 people. The possibilities in design, production and delivery of display sets, staging, store fronts and other installations are limited by the imagination alone.

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Where we have shipped our products

Products manufactured by Stolmar can be found in most European countries, as well as Russia, Middle East and Africa.
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