MG 6920

STOLMAR tells stories recorded in form, creating exhibitions of various applications.

Carpentry is our means of expression. We have been exploring the secrets for almost three decades - behind the success of STOLMAR, there is a team of experienced designers, craftsmen and specialists. The origins of the plant date back to the 1980s - the owner, Marian Czajkowski, designed and made the first furniture to order. His clients included Lech Wałęsa among others.


In 2000, the company began to fill a new niche, preparing exhibition stands and set designs. Since 2006, we have been closely cooperating with LPP SA, the owner of the Reserved, House, Cropp and Mohito brands recognized throughout Europe, creating storefronts, designer furniture and objects in the interiors of chain stores.

Currently, we employ over 80 people in large projects, and our capabilities in the field of designing and performing exhibitions, sets, sites, stands and other spatial installations are limited only by our imagination.