MG 6669

Let the form speak

Empty space is like an unwritten card waiting to tell your story. For almost three decades, we have been helping our clients to fill the spaces with a form that reflects the character of their products in the best way, present the character of their brand and convey the essence of their artistic intentions.

We accompany you at every stage of creating exhibitions, shop expositions, set design and spatial installations, providing design, production and full logistics service.

Thanks to many years of experience and highly developed production facilities, we guarantee our high attention to detail - even with mass productions.

What We do?

Shop exhibitions

Our showcase is carefully finished and precisely made shop exhibitions. We design holistic concepts referring to the collection launched for sale, we propose solutions according to our vision in response to a brief, and we also manufacture shop exhibitions based on ready-made projects.


Our many years of experience in the implementation of custom orders also allows us to handle artistic events in the field of scenography. We are happy to work with artists, creating decorative elements and props based on their vision.

Exhibition furniture

Unlimited possibilities and huge experience in the field of design and production, allow us to make display furniture according to the client's wishes, realizing his vision or giving space to our designers.


Co-creating the event, we provide care and customer service from the idea through design, production, packaging, transport, furniture assembly on site, ongoing assistance during use, to dismantling and storage.



Thought-out design

An experienced team of designers led by Marian Czajkowski will provide a solution that suits your needs - first in the form of 3D visualization and then in the form of a prototype.

Any material

Range of production base make us capable of realizing the project from any materials - starting from the wood being treated in the joinery, through computer-cut and annealed plastics, ending with the metal treated in our workshop.

Many variety of colors

The difficult process of obtaining the right color of the produced object is familiar to anyone who has had to do with design. We can make any color which identificates your brand by our own paint mixing room.

Any amount, any size

We are able to produce spatial installations on an industrial scale, as well as store already carried out projects for reuse.