Imagination is the only limit

Every creator and artist knows that the quality of his work is mostly up to the choice of the proper tools. The better they are - the  quality of the work is higher, the more diverse they are - the chioces of materials and production methods are wider.

For years, we have been developing our machinery park, expanding our production capabilities so that the only limitation in the creative process is imagination.

MG 6748
Design office

A team of creative designers able to transform any idea into specific vision.

MG 6675

Looking for inspiration, here you can view our previous projects, as well as test prototypes of the ordered installations.

MG 6910
Model workshop

Before starting any production, all prototypes are made here. Our specialists discuss production technology and select appropriate materials.

Carpentry workshop

The heart of our company and our pride - an experienced carpenters team and a well-equipped machine park. It includes, among others: wide belt grinders, large format presses, multi-spindle drills, computer-operated panel saws, large format milling plotters, router tables, planers, format saws, horizontal and vertical drills, disc and belt grinders, edge banding machine (natural and PVC).

CNC / Milling Machine

CNC plotter can cut out computer-designed elements in almost any shape.

MG 0622

If your project involves the use of metal elements, we will prepare them on site. In the workshop we use: milling machines, grinders, automatic machines for cutting metal sheets, pipes and profiles, rolling mill, bending machine, MIG / MAG, TIG and MMA welding equipment.

MG 0521
Plastics processing

In our studio, we are able to cut, bend, mill, engrave and glue almost any plastic material. Most often we work with plexiglass, solid and foamed PVC and polycarbonate as well as HIPS or Corian, however, we are not afraid of new materials.

MG 0456
Paint shop

All the colors of the rainbow? With us, it is possible beacuse of our paint mixing room, paint shop and drying room, painting units and a dust-free paint spray booth. We are able to paint every element of the installation on site, providing accurate color reproduction even in mass production.

MG 6939
Production hall

It enables large series production as well as building unique large-size installations.

pow mag 2
Storage space

It gives the possibility to prepare large projects and store installations for reuse.