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Window display arrangement  – design, visualisation, production, implementation

The decor of window displays holds significant importance as it serves as a means to capture customers attention and compel them to enter a particular store. Naturally, it should align with the brand’s image – everything must harmonize seamlessly to create a unified whole. How to achieve this? Simply entrust this task to our company! We’ve been specializing in visual merchendising for years. Rest assured, we execute them efficiently, professionally, and in accordance with our clients’ requirements!

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Comprehensive design, production and implementation service

We prepare a professional store window design with visualisation based on an analysis of current trends, as well as the visual identity of the brand - in accordance with the principles of Visual Merchandising (the art of presenting merchandise in an appealing way to the customer). What makes us stand out in the marketplace? Above all, our commitment to our work - we do not resort to half-measures, but focus on effective solutions to generate sales. In addition, we are constantly developing and extending our knowledge in order to keep abreast of current trends. After years of experience in the industry, we know exactly which options work and which do not. In addition, we are staffed by top-class specialists who know the industry very well. We hope that we have already convinced you to entrust STOLMAR with the design and arrage your store window. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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Visual merchendising

Design and decor shop windows is our great passion. This is why we always approach this task with a head full of new ideas - we assure you that we are not short of creativity! Each shop window design we prepare is distinguished by its superb aesthetics, unique design and the fact that it has been adapted to current trends. It goes without saying that we will opt for a different display in summer or spring, and another in winter. It is also very important that the campaign is consistent with the visual identity of the entire brand; this is a key aspect of each project for us. We will take into account the brand-specific shade (which is the brand's trademark) when choosing the leading colour for the shop window. Entrust us with the design of your shop window and we will create it in such a way that both you and your customers will be delighted!

Dekoracje witrynowe, których jesteśmy producentem, są tworzone z ogromną starannością, przez co przykuwają wzrok potencjalnych klientów. Zrobimy wszystko, by przygotować je tak, aby wyróżniały się na tle pozostałych aranżacji w konkurencyjnych sklepach. Jeśli szukasz więc firmy, która je zaprojektuje, to właśnie ją znalazłeś!

What we offer?

Prototyping - we constantly experiment with unique materials and adapt them to the specific needs of the client.
Our products comes with straightforward manuals and easy join techniques, that shop staff can handle.
Instalation our products can be done in 3 places at once. Thanks to our installation team.
Maintenance our products.
3D visualisation of the future projects.
Design window disaply (z ang. windows displaysand arragement in campaign. windows arrangement)

Modern window displays aim to captivate potential customers and entice them to enter a particular store. Contrary to appearances, creating a unique retail space is not an easy task, as one must consider the diverse tastes of passersby in malls or shopping centers. The arrangements and decorations of window display must, therefore, adhere to certain essential guidelines - ones that we are well acquainted with. The art of crafting displays appropriately is something we excel at. If you are in search of a professional window display designers - you've come to the right place!

We answer any question - get us in touch.

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